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Triple Threat Tincture is a beautifully handcrafted plant medicine that  is available in 1 oz., it consists of three mushrooms; Reishi, Chicken of The Woods and Chaga. Triple Threat Tincture has been foraged by myself and all ingredients have been sourced substainably with the honorable harvest method. 


Triple Threat Tincture can aid in: 

  • fighting allergies and asthma
  • have anti-inflammitory proporties to help fight Alzheimer's, heart disease and arthritis 
  • using long term can help promote slow sleep waves
  • hormonal balancing properties 
  • saught after for mood lifting qualities and soothing abilities 
  • consists of beta-glucans, one of the most effective and powerful immune system boosters known, when increased can help prevent potential diseases 
  • can increase your sensitivity to insulin and aid in treatment of diabities


Consume orally under tongue with one full dropper  daily. You can mix with a warm liquid such as hot water, honey and a slice of lemon. 


*Note: Ashley is not a Naturopath and Medical Doctor, however she does study plant medicine. This item contains alcohol*

Triple Threat Tincture

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