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Available for pre-order only


The Seed Under The Soil plant medicine subscription box is a quarterly handcrafted, ethnically sourced and foraged by yours truly.  This subscription box will release roughly each changing of the Canadian seasons. The Seed Under The Soil is a plant medicine subscription box to aid you in rewilding and anchoring into Mama Earth, while expanding your knowledge in the study of herbalism. With Mama Earth in mind, I tried my best to create products that are sourced properly. Even the peanuts the products get packed with are biodegradable!


The Seed Under The Soil is a subscription box that teaches you: 


  • support in cultivating the inner workings of your soul to match your outer reality and call into action your greatest desires.


  • transition and aid in being one with Mama Earth


  • understand, become a student and a teacher for + with plant medicine


  • embrace your own workings and create an at home medicine cabinet with simple organic and handcrafted ingredients


What you'll get in your The Seed Under The Soil Quarterly Subscription Box:


  • 9 full size handcrafted plant medicine products
  • 2 Digital exclusive recipe cards
  • 2 Digital Materia Medica Cards 


The $100 one time fee provides you with a one time delivery of The Seed Under The Soil Subscription box and shipping is included (inside of Canada).

The Seed Under The Soil (1 Time Purchase)

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